Monday, 10 March 2014

Human Smoothie-Maker Takes to the Road

Our Women in Engineering Student Society will be taking a pedal-powered smoothie making machine on the road to The Big BangFair in Birmingham in a bid to encourage children to get excited about engineering.
The four-day event from 13-16 March 2014 will be represented by committee members Giulia Gigliobianco and Lindsey Dew and, aided by a strong volunteer force, will be teaching children how much energy is used making a smoothie drink as well as how much energy is wasted using a state-of-the-art thermal imaging camera.
The children can try out the pedal-powered bicycle for themselves and it takes around 30 seconds to a minute to create enough smoothie drink for around five children to enjoy whilst learning about how energy is created and converts itself into something useful.
The Society aims to bring engineering to life for young people and smash the illusion that engineering isn’t fun or something that is heavily embedded in maths.
The pedal-powered cycle has been provided by Engineers Without Borders (EWB) who showcased the bike to highlight the physical impact that engineers have on the world.
The Big Bang Fair is about encouraging young people to take an active interest in STEM subjects whilst being supported by teachers and parents. It is also about considering the future and where a career that is STEM based will take you. 
Masses of time and energy has gone into organising the event so show your support by following the Society on their adventure to Birmingham on Twitter @EngWomen (look for #wieshef  #bigbangfair) and there will be daily diary entries on their web-site

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